You’ve most likely heard of cross-contamination and probably relate that to restaurants or hospitals, and you probably think about it when you’re making a chicken and vegetable dinner. But do you think about it when you’re cleaning up after dinner? Or when you’re cleaning the bathroom? If not, keep reading! UNI-STAR wants you to have the cleanest and healthiest home possible, whether that’s through tips like these or if you schedule our cleaning service to come to your house. So before you pick up your sponge or mop, take a couple minutes to read these tips on preventing cross-contamination.

First, What is It?

Cross-contamination is when bacteria is moved from one surface to another and could expose you to potentially dangerous germs. This can happen when you use a knife to cut chicken and then continue to cut the vegetables without cleaning the knife or the cutting board. This process of moving bacteria and germs around isn’t limited to the kitchen, though. With germs hiding throughout your home, it can happen in the bathroom, living room, shower, and even bedrooms. If you have any questions about this, feel free to give our cleaning service a call.

How to Prevent Cross-Contamination

Use Microfiber Cleaning Tools

When you spill some juice from the container of raw chicken on the countertop, what is the first cleaning tool you reach for? Is it a paper towel or a sponge? These materials are actually just moving the bacteria around instead of picking it up. Cleaning utensils around your house that are made of cotton only attract around 33 percent of bacteria, so the remaining 66 percent is still hanging out on your countertops. Microfiber tools attract up to 99 percent of dirt, bacteria, and other pathogens — giving you a sanitized surface.

Using and Training a Color Coding System

There are some color-coded products to help separate foods in the kitchen while you’re cooking. A blue cutting board and knife for fish, red products for poultry, and so forth. But take that system one step further and apply it to your cleaning utensils! Do you really want to be using the same mop in the bathroom and your dining room? We didn’t think so. By using multiple tools, and giving them a unique color, you can keep every room in the home safe from bacteria.

The key is to make sure that everyone in your household knows which color is designated for which space in your home. So before any cleaning chores are checked off, give everyone a brief training on what tools are used for each room.

Keep Tools Separate

In many Manchester and south New Hampshire homes, there is a supply closet or space in the laundry room where all of the tools are kept. When was the last time you organized your supply closet? No, it’s not very fun to organize cleaning supplies, but when you take 20 to 30 minutes to get everything in order, you can gain peace of mind knowing that mops, cloths, and dusters are separated and safe from cross-contamination. Don’t have time to organize your supplies? Don’t worry, our cleaning service is highly-trained in cross-contamination and will gladly clean and sanitize your house.

Skip Outdated Cleaning Methods

It’s amazing how much technology has advanced to help clean and sanitize your home more thoroughly. The trick is to actually utilize the new technology and finally purge your home of old, outdated methods.

  • Replace cotton mops and cloths with microfiber tools.
  • Upgrade your vacuum to one that uses a HEPA filter and can capture dust, mold, bacteria, and spores that are in your home.
  • Transition from harmful chemical-based cleaning products to green, natural products that will actually clean your home and won’t harm your household.
  • Switch the type of mopping system you use. Instead of buckets filled with dirty water, use a mop with a built-in tank.

If you’re getting ready to deep clean your home, it might be a good idea to start with giving your cleaning products and methods a makeover. Better yet, give UNI-STAR cleaning services a call. UNI-STAR has top of the line equipment and highly-trained staff who are passionate about keeping your house not just clean, but safe and sanitized.

If you live in the Manchester or south New Hampshire areas, give our cleaning service a call today to learn more about cross-contamination and how we can make your home germ-free.


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