It seems like the day after your cleaning service has come to your home, there is already a sink full of dirty dishes, the bathroom is covered in hair, and there’s a stain on the living room carpet. No matter how good your maid is, your home may become a disaster zone if you and your family don’t know how to keep it clean after the service is gone. At UNI-STAR Cleaning Service, we want you to have a home that is spotless, even days after we’re gone. Here are some tips on how to keep your home looking great until the next time we come by.


When everything has a home, it will be easier to put everything away after you’re done using it. The remote? Have a bin near the TV, and possibly another one by the couch, where you can place items that are used for the TV. This could mean the remote, but also stereo remotes, and gaming console equipment. Toys? Whether it’s a shelf in a bookcase or a bin in the corner, make a home for toys to be put in after they are done being played with. You can keep an area for miscellaneous items, but be careful that this doesn’t become a catch-all, “junk drawer” and take a day once a week to clean up the miscellaneous item bin.


Did your family just finish a movie night and there’s a pizza box, plates, socks that were removed, and school backpacks laying around? When the movie is over and everyone is getting up and moving around, have everyone pick up one item and take it to its home. If someone is headed to the kitchen, have them take the plates. If someone is headed to their bedroom, have them take the backpack and socks. This leaves the living room clean and tidy.


House cleaning doesn’t have to be a one-man job. Consider assigning a room to each member of the family. Someone could be assigned to the bathroom and all they do for the week is to make sure that the sink is wiped clean and the floor is free of wet bath towels. Someone else can be assigned to the kitchen to keep the countertops clear and the microwave clean. At the end of the week, after your cleaning service has done their job, reassign rooms to everyone to keep everything fair for the next week.

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This is especially important if your home has carpet. Instead of tracking in dirt and possibly mud from outside onto the carpet, have everyone take off their shoes when they come inside. The weather hasn’t been too cold in Manchester, but on colder days, consider having a pair of slippers by the door so that everyone can slip into a clean pair of house shoes after they take off their dirty outside shoes.

Keeping a house clean is one of life’s many challenges, but it’s not impossible. And with UNI-STAR Cleaning Service, it’s almost easy! Keep up with some simple daily cleaning tasks to keep your home tidy in-between visits, and our cleaning service will come in for a thorough cleaning whenever you want us to.

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