Look familiar?  I’m sure all of us would love to have someone come by at regular times and help out with the cleaning, but it’s just way too expensive… Right?  Maybe not. Did you know that the average person spends 60 hours per month cleaning?  Thats right, 60 hours!  What’s your time worth to you?

Here’s 5 reasons why you may want to look into a helping hand sooner then later.

1. NO TIME – There are a million reasons your schedule is probably jam-packed. You work long hours, you’re taking care of you’re family, time is money… Whatever the reason, hiring a professional to help you clean means cutting yourself some slack and giving yourself a break. Which will automatically alleviate some stress. Less stress and a toilet so clean you’ll let the dog drink out of it? Yes, please.

2. SANITIZE –  This is one of my favorite parts of having a cleaning service.  Guess what has more germs than almost any other part of your house? Yup, that’s right. It’s all of the doorknobs, cabinet handles, and light switches. And yet, be honest: How often do you clean them with a disinfecting wipe? Probably not at least once a week which is how often you’re supposed to… Good thing a professional will make sure to do it for you.

3. COMING HOME TO A CLEAN HOUSE – There’s nothing better than coming home to a clean home.  No dust, pet hair, germs etc. Cheers to raising your spirits after a tough day at work.

​​4. PROFESSIONALISM – A Great perk of hiring a professional house cleaning service is that you know that the cleaners are experienced, professional, reference, and background checked, as well as bonded, and insured. These are key things to look for before booking with any service. High customer ratings, and reviews are also great things to look for.

5. SAVE MONEY – Your home is probably your single largest investment. Maintaining its surfaces is essential to maintaining its overall value. Tiles, countertops, furniture, floors, walls, baseboards, and built-ins–all of these surfaces need regular cleaning to stay fresh. The longer you allow dirt and oils to build up on these surfaces, the more likely you are to need severe actions, such as sanding and refinishing, to undo the damage. If you don’t provide maintenance, you risk incurring higher costs for repair or replacement later on. Regular cleanings prevent wear and tear from progressing much faster than it normally would.

At the end of the day, the time, money, and stress you can save with a professional house cleaning service is priceless.

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