Your Guide For A Safe And Clean Thanksgiving During Covid

Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us. This celebration comes with numerous responsibilities, and planning for it is an excellent idea if you don’t want it to interfere with your life after the festival.

However, this year, things will not be the way they’ve been in past years. With COVID-19 still around, your safety and that of your family and friends take precedence over everything else. That is why we are giving you some insightful tips on how to celebrate Thanksgiving during the Pandemic this year.

8 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving During COVID-19

The Center for Disease Prevention and Control has recently issued guidelines to help you stay safe during these celebrations and beyond. Consider the following:

  • Stay at Home

As much as possible, try to have your Thanksgiving celebrations at home. Venturing out of your community will expose you and your family to the risk of contracting this dreaded virus. You can do many activities from the safety and comfort of your home, as we shall see shortly.

  • Have Small Gatherings

Again, unlike in the past, where you would have crowds attending the event at your home, this time around, the CDC advises against having large gatherings. And even with the small groups, it’s advisable to have an outdoor function instead of holding the celebrations indoors. However, if the weather does not allow for an outdoor event, ensure the house or room where you have the festival is well-ventilated.

  •  Everyone Should Wear Face Masks

When you have a gathering in your home ensure all present wear their face masks unless circumstances don’t allow. For instance, it will be impossible for those attending to eat during meal times with their covers on.

  •  Eat from individual plates.

Avoid situations where those present share from a single plate. Doing so will increase the chances of transmission of this virus. Instead, have everyone eat from their respective vessels.

  • Social distancing

Celebrations can be tempting. People might easily get carried away by this mood and forget the need to keep a social distance from the next person. Proximity is risky because one can breathe air that contains droplets from an infected person.

  • Disinfect and sanitize surfaces

The often-touched surfaces in your home can spread this disease quickly. Door knobs, your tables, and such places need to be cleaned and disinfected before, during, and after the celebrations.

  • Have a Set Few-items Menu

Suppose your family is used to bountiful Thanksgiving dinner with plentiful cherished traditional foods. In that case, it might be better to settle for fewer food items this year. You don’t have to have your traditional turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, cornbread all at once.

Instead, you can limit your menu to four or five items. These can be your classic main dish, your family’s two most delicious desserts, and your two favorite sides. Doing this will lower your costs and ensure you don’t have loads of leftovers and wastes to dispose of after the celebrations.

  • Maintain High Levels of Cleanliness and Hygiene

Maintaining high levels of hygiene in your home is a critical aspect of your fight against COVID-19. Hiring the services of a professional home cleaning company like UNI-STAR Cleaning Service will go a long way in making your Thanksgiving safer this year and beyond.

Contact us for all your home cleaning services this Thanksgiving season.

With these eight ways to 5 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving during COVID 19, you can keep your entire family guests safe on this year’s Thanksgiving Day.

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