What NOT to do during a health emergency like COVID-19

UNI-STAR Cleaning Service - What NOT to do during a health emergency like COVID-19

During public health emergencies like COVID-19, there are good practices you must follow. Probably you already know them, but in this blog, we want to talk about the common mistakes people tend to commit during these difficult times. Avoid the following points, and stay safe.

Stop practicing hygiene

During a health emergency like COVID-19, following good hygiene practice is crucial to stop the spreading and protect your family and friends. Wash your hands, disinfect the house, and the objects that get inside, cough properly, and don’t touch your face. If you have little children, teach them the importance of doing these measures and repeat over and over for them to remember.

Not taking seriously social distancing

Social distancing is vital to stop the virus from spreading. However, not everyone can do it. Doctors, cleaning staff, and people who are enabled to stop working are still on the streets, but if you can practice social distancing and stay home, you must taking seriously. The less the people are outside, the number of cases drops, and the hospitals become less saturated.

Social distancing also includes not inviting over family or friends to your house, not letting your kids go outside your property, and of course, stop visiting other family members, especially if they are elderly or have health issues. We know this could be very hard for some of us, but social distancing is crucial to prevent chaos and accelerate the extinction of the virus.

Stop panic buying 

Another issue during a health crisis is the famous panic buying. People get scared due to the situation and start buying large quantities of food and other essential items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or face maks. As a community, before surrendering to panic, we have to think of the others, our neighbors, and people who have more financial problems and health issues that us. Buying too much causes a shortage and price increase. Don’t affect other families, buy only the necessary items, and always stay informed.

Don’t binge on news 24/7 

Eating healthy, doing exercise, and drinking lots of water is crucial to keep your immune system in top shape. But, generally, people suffer from stress and anxiety during a crisis, and the media is one of the most overlooked factors that cause it. Although it’s important to stay informed, social media can be a tornado of emotions for most of us. Experts recommend limiting your media exposure to one or two times a day to avoid getting upset by bad news. That means: stop scrolling too much!

Don’t spread misinformation

One of the reading there’s bad news everywhere during a health crisis is the people spreading misinformation. It’s like panic buying: people tend to believe the worst and spread the message. In some cases, people share fake news consciously because they want people to take things seriously. Either way, scaring people is never the best alternative. Check your facts, stay positive, and help other people to do so. In these challenging times, it’s crucial to act kindly and think as a community.

We hope you and your family are safe and healthy during the current crisis. If you have concerns about the germs and viruses at home, book a home cleaning service with us. We are offering a special cleaning that focuses on the most touched areas in houses.

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