The Best Mop for Each Type of Floor

The Best Mop for Each Type of Floor


One of the big truths about life is that sooner or later, we all have to mop. Then you realize that not everyone mops the same, mostly because using the wrong mop for your specific type of floor can do more harm than good. But how can you possibly know which type of mop you need if there’s so many out there, each of them with a thousand unique functions? You need to narrow down all your options, and you might need a little help doing it.


That’s why we bring you the six most common types of mop around and the best use for each of them, as well as what you shouldn’t ever use them for. At the end of each entry, we have also linked to one of the best-rated mops in that category in the market for 2019, so you can know what features to look for if you’re planning on replacing yours anytime soon. We hope this list helps you clean your house better than ever before!


  1. Flat Head Mops


Flat mops have become the standard for many homes over the years because they do a good job of cleaning without using too much water. They use a disposable or washable pad that attaches to the top, and some have a little reservoir to hold and apply the cleaning solution directly on the floor. Their full-contact approach to mopping and the fact that they don’t get things too wet makes flat heads the best mops to clean hardwood floors.


The O-Cedar Hardwood ‘N More Mop was specifically designed to clean hardwood floors using a machine-washable microfiber pad that doesn’t need chemicals at all, only a little water to keep the pad damp. Its lightweight frame and swivel joint are perfect to reach every corner of the house.


  1. Steam Mops


Now let’s talk about a mop that is all about water. These are equal parts mop and electrical appliances, best suited for removing stains and grime from your floor and eliminating germs and bacteria. The steam comes from a refillable water tank that heats up, and which you can release by pulling a trigger on the handle. This, of course, makes them great choices for very dirty floors with lots of stains, but some floor materials can get warped with all the moisture that comes from steam mops. On the other hand, they are some of the best mops for tile floors. A powerful and useful appliance, but be careful with it!


The Bissell Symphony Vac and Steam 1132A is an all-in-one steam mop and vacuum solution, and while it’s more on the expensive side, it offers plenty of functions in a single appliance to make up for it. The Symphony lets you vacuum debris and steam hard floors at the same time, and includes four different mop heads.


  1. Dry Mops


Despite functioning very similarly to regular brooms, dust mops are very popular nowadays, and that’s because they’re perfect for when you want to give the floor a once-over without having to drag out the regular mop and use water or cleaning products at all. Even though they are, like we said, similar to sweepers and brooms, the dust mop is actually easier to use for light-cleanings and can clean other places, like ceilings, walls, and high corners. This is what is considered a ‘dry mop’, so it’s not recommended to clean up spills or stains.


Many companies offer dry+wet mop combos, but if you want a quality product that’s only for dry cleaning, the Sladust Wool Dust Mop with telescopic handle is the best choice. Not only does it extend from 34” to 59” to reach those high places, but it also has durable yet replaceable heads and is one of the best-reviewed products in this list.


  1. Sponge Mops


These odd-looking mops have a spongy head attached to a wringer and are perfect for cleaning uneven hard floors that can resist being in contact with a lot of moisture, such as linoleum and tile. They are also pretty good for cleaning walls. This particular mop, however, comes with a few downsides; wringing them out completely can be difficult, even when they come equipped with a wringer, so they’re bound to streak. On top of that, they require a lot of cleaning or they can start breeding bacteria and smelling bad, so be careful.


Mops don’t get much simpler than the Casabella Original Mop: The handle is sturdy, rust-resistant steel, and the sponge head attaches to it using rollers. That’s it! This Italian mop is well-suited for both light-cleaning and heavy-duty tasks, comes with a lifetime guarantee, and it’s honestly pretty stylish-looking.


  1. Microfiber Mops


You can think of microfiber mops as the wet-cleaning equivalent of dust mops. They are a more hygienic option than other types of mop such as rag, string, or loop-end variants because they can be washed many times without degrading, and the replacement microfiber heads are inexpensive. On the other hand, they are best suited for light-cleaning sessions because they have some trouble scrubbing hard and absorbing any sort of liquid. Keep them around for maintenance cleanings instead of deep ones.


The Microfiber Wholesale Professional Mop is a reliable option that can even handle some heavy-duty usage thanks to its stainless-steel handle and aluminum frame. It also includes two wet mops and a dust pad, which makes it incredibly versatile as a cleaning tool for touch-ups all around the house.

If the problem is not your mop, but that you have no time at all to use it during the week, then you definitely need some professional help to keep your house clean. The results will be better than any mop can do!

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