Keeping a Clean Home: A Guide for Pet Owners

People who have pets know that a certain degree of general mess is to be expected from time to time. It’s just part of the experience, so why should we keep our house neat and clean every single day if our furry friend is going to undo our work in an instant? Well, as it turns out, it doesn’t really have to be like that, since there are plenty of ways to keep a neat, fresh-smelling house even if you have more than one pet.

This list has a number of great tips that will show you how easy and important it is to keep a clean house, and the many ways you can accomplish that. Fido and Snowball will be able to comfortably go all around the house, and you’ll bring the whole place to a new level of cleanliness that you might have thought as out of your reach. Check it out!

Automatic vacuums

The first and most prevalent issue that pet owners will always face is fur, even from “non-shedding” varieties. Cats and dogs leave their hair on floors and furniture, but they also bring in the dirt, dust, leaves, etc., from outside. Following them around the house with the vacuum cleaner is too inconvenient, so getting an automatic robot vacuum is probably the best solution to this problem. Get a model that can follow a set schedule and voilá!

Lint rollers

When you’re an experienced pet owner, you pretty much know that a lint roller is something that you just gotta have in your house at all times. If you’re not that experienced, well, we’re passing the knowledge on to you: Get a lint roller as soon as you can. It’s a basic necessity if you want to clean upholstered furniture, throw pillows, and even sweaters if you got too huggy with Snowball.

Get a proper dog bed

For this tip to work, you need to train your dog not to climb up on your sofas or beds. Some people don’t mind that at all but let’s say that you do and you want a specific place for your dog to get cozy in. Getting an amazingly fluffy bed for your pooch might sound tempting, but they’re a nightmare to clean; instead, get a water-resistant option that’s easy to wipe down or wash.

Keep your pet clean

It sounds too obvious, but that’s only because it’s true. If your pet is always clean, then you won’t have to clean after it all the time, and that can make an enormous difference in your cleaning routine. You don’t want to shampoo them too often, but washing your pet down quickly with some plain water and constantly combing your cat or dog’s fur will keep them clean, odor-free and all around comfier. Depending on their breed and size, you might also need the help of a professional groomer to trim their fur and nails down a bit.

Use durable materials around the house

Both dogs and cats can be trained to not destroy your furniture (to varying degrees of success), but even then, you’ll go through some growing pains while they learn. It might be better to invest in decor made out of more durable materials to avoid continually repairing or replacing clawed-up carpets or dirty and ripped up furniture, especially in high-traffic areas of the house or wherever you’ll be receiving guests.  

Regularly clean whatever your pet touches

Whether it be blankets, chewing toys, beds, or even sweaters, all of these things can pick up that strong pet odor and get dirty from all the fur and drool. It’s better for your house (and health) if you periodically get them sanitized. Check if any objects made of fabric are machine washable, or if you have to do it by hand. Cleaning regularly will help you keep your house free of bad smells and bacteria.
Having a pet doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing your house’s cleanliness and tidiness. It does, however, require adding a few extra steps into your daily or weekly cleaning routine, but aren’t they worth it? However, if it’s proving too much for you to balance with work and family time, you can always hire a professional crew to deal with all of your cleaning chores and spend more time doing what really matters.

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