Best things to do in the White Mountains after the lockdown

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To recover after all these long weeks of social distancing, it’s a good idea to go out and have some fun in nature. Pros: there will be enough space to keep your distance from other people and keep following the preventive measures against COVID 19. Other advantages: you will support local tourism and business while you stretch your body and breathe some fresh air.

However, the majority of these sites are temporarily closed due to the pandemic so be sure to check out their official websites to stay informed. If you want to explore the White Mountains now surely you’ll find lots of trails and day-use areas opened like Alpine Garden, Nelson Crag, Thomson Falls, Glen Ellis Scene Area, Sabbaday Falls Observation Areas, and more (check out the full list here).

Keep reading to know our list of the best things to do in the White Mountains.

Watch the falls

The White Mountains have picturesque waterfalls like the ones on Sabbaday Falls, and currently, in the early days of May, this site is open to the public. Take the Kangamagus Scenic Byway and walk for 15 minutes en you’ll be there. The cascades fall into a narrow flume and offer a beautiful view of one of the natural treasures of these mountains.

Discover historic sites

The Rusell-Colbath Historic Site preserves a 19th Century house, barn, and cemetery, recently re-opened to the public. Appreciate the old, original structure of the Rusell-Colbath House and enjoy the essential commodities like parking lots, bathrooms, and picnic tables. This site is open to the public at the moment this blog was finished. However, remember to check the official site to stay informed.

Chairlift ride

The White Mountains have the New Hamshire’s most popular alpine ski areas. But, in the following summer months, when the snow has long gone, Brenton Woods, Cannon Mountain, Attitash, Loon Mountain, and other excellent ski destination transform themselves to warm adventure parks. However, the majority of these locations are currently closed. Check the official websites to learn more about their reopening.

Kancamagus Highway

The good thing about the White Mountains is that you don’t have to be around a lot of people to enjoy it. Driving through “The Kanc” Highway is a thrilling experience by itself, particularly when fall foliage peaks. This 34-mile road was finished in 1959 and attracts many residents and tourists because of its many scenic overlooks, waterfalls, and bridges. Currently, the Highway remains open but stay informed about sudden changes or limitations the authorities might apply.

Explore the Lost River

Kids and adults alike will enjoy exploring the underground river, caves, and waterfalls, natural wonders that were discover over a century ago. During the day, people may explore on their own, but at night you will find guided lantern tours. If you take your kids with you, they can earn a Junior Gorge Guide sticker and a reward by completing a quiz about the place. Lost River is closed indefinitely, so check their official website to learn more about their re-opening.

Enjoy a rocky-top, 360 view

Climb the Fire Tower and enjoy a magnificent view of the White Mountains, safely behind glass windows. But, prepare yourself for a couple of miles walk to get there. This site is open to the public at the moment this blog was published. However, remember to check the official site to stay informed.
There you have it! We hope you enjoy your day in the mountains. Stay safe! Remember that our cleaning services can disinfect your home and tidy up your place. Contact us to book your service online.

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