Best Devices For Making Your Home A Smart House

UNI-STAR Cleaning Service - Best Devices For Making Your Home A Smart House

Are you still living in the 20th century? Is your home considered by your friends as a living museum? Fear not, many people don’t know how to smarten up their homes. With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. Don’t let the fear of technology keep you from living a productive, efficient life in this age of information. UNI-Star Cleaning is here to show the best devices on the market to make your house smarter and cost-effective with cool, smart devices for your home. 

Front Door & Garage Door 

The most important place to begin your smart home upgrades is outside your house. Here you have many options to upgrade the door, porch, and garage areas. Adding a smart lock allows you to control the lock from any app compatible device, thus making it easy to enter your home without having to fumble for the keys. A video doorbell adds visual and audio protection. It allows you to spot danger, see when packages arrive, avoid unwanted guests, etc. A smart garage opener works much like a smart lock. The device is controlled from an app on your phone and/or watch; giving you freedom of flexibility and ease. 


A hub brings together all the smart devices in your home. While it’s not mandatory to have a hub, it’s extremely useful to keep your home organized in one device rather than several. Make sure the hub you choose is compatible with your smart devices. The following hubs are rated the best on the market mainly for their compatibility, service, and a one-stop place for smart home gadgets.

Smart Outlets 

If you’re hesitant to upgrade at the maximum level, then smart plugs are the place to start your transformation into the new age. These simple devices simply plug into your standard outlets and immediately become a wireless device to whatever you plug into it. For example, if you plug in a standard lamp to a smart plug you now are able to control that lamp with an app. There are many appliances and accessories that work with these plugs.

Smart Speakers 

Smart speakers are one of the fastest-growing smart devices to take over the home. These little speakers work as a computer hub for listening to music and audiobooks, making phone calls, doing research, assisting in the kitchen, setting reminders, and overall improving the structure of your day. 


Smart light bulbs are similar to smart plugs. When a smart light is screwed into a socket it can be controlled via an app on your phone or watch. Some light bulbs act as their own hub but can also be connected to one central system depending on the type you purchase. The following smart light bulbs rate the highest in quality and efficiency.


Long gone are the days of non-programmable thermostats that don’t regulate your heat. With smart thermostats, you have the means to control the unit from most media devices via an app so you can see how your energy is being used. You also are able to program the thermostat to reduce the energy in the home when you are away thus saving you money.


There are many gadgets and appliances on the market today to simplify even the most mundane of tasks. The following list contains the staples recommended to create the basis for a smart home. What makes a microwave smart, is the ability to use it via voice command. Robot vacuums are essential for any home looking to advance. When time is limited, an automated lawnmower gives you that extra hand to meet the demands of the day while saving money. Smart refrigerators provide many options such as ordering groceries, making phone calls, setting different temperatures, and more. Smart washers and dryers have the ability to be controlled by voice command, manually, and by app depending on the model.

Smart devices are here to help you simplify your life, whether young or old. With this list of top-rated smart devices, you’re already ahead of the game. Now that you’re ready to take your home from a historic landmark to a modern masterpiece, remember to ask questions, read reviews, and enjoy the time and money you’ll save with this easy and smart upgrade.

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