7 Creative Gifts Ideas To Avoid Cliches On Valentine’s Day

UNI-STAR Cleaning Service - 7 Creative Gifts Ideas To Avoid Cliches On Valentine’s Day

This is not a cliche Valentine’s Day gifts list. The following list is for people who want to get creative and more romantic this February 14th. There are lots of worn-out ideas and other ones that don’t work for all people. Also, for some persons, expressing feelings is challenging, and thinking of something to give their significant other can turn frustrating. That’s why we gathered seven great ideas for Valentine’s Day. Keep reading!

At-home spa

If you want to avoid cliches, start asking you what does your partner need. And most importantly, something that makes them feel calm and loved. A home spa is a perfect gift for working adults that are continuously exposed to stress. Prepare the bathtub with flowers, air fresheners, candles, and special shampoos and soaps. Put some chill music too. Your partner will love it.

Valentine lightbulb

For those who want creative gift ideas for someone special, this Valentine lightbulb may do the trick. You need to follow the instructions for hollowing the bulb, form little hearts with red wire, and put them inside. And done! You’ll have made a romantic keepsake for your special one. Follow the instructions in this link.

Something for the five senses

Avoid the pink balloons and red flowers. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be cheesy. This five-drawer set is creative and romantic, but also modest and reserved for someone who doesn’t like flashy gifts. Put something in each drawer to please the five senses: you could hide for the sense of smell your partner’s favorite fragrance. Or candy in the sense of taste. Make it as personalized as you can. 

Beer flowers

Tired of flowers? Buy your significant other’s favorite beers and put them some flower petals. This gift is cheap, simple to make, and apt for women and men alike. With an unconventional idea like this, you can spend some time writing a love letter and put it inside the six-pack for a more lovely touch.

Personalized photo puzzle

When love is sincere and selfless, all the pieces fit. Surprise your special person with a personal, affordable, and unique puzzle made with one of your romantic pictures. This one isn’t a DIY, so don’t worry about time and finding the right items. Just go to the website buy yours online.

Edible matches

You can nail the phrase “you’re my perfect match” with this Valentine’s gift! It’s a DIY but simple and cheap to make. You need some pretzel sticks, red candy melts, and a large box of matches. If you have kids, surely they will enjoy making this. Check out the full tutorial here.

Treasure hunt

Take your Valentine to the next level with a treasure hunt. Hide clues inside your home or even in certain parts of town. You can make it as romantic as you want writing rhymes that only you and your significant other will get. Indeed, this will be an adventure. But be careful, this activity may get stressful if the other person isn’t good with riddles and rhymes. Get some ideas in this link.
There you go! Seven great ideas for you to shine this Valentine’s Day. Remember that you can also give your partner a profession house clean. Contact us for more info.

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