6 Of The Safest, Outdoor Activities To Celebrate Father’s Day In New Hampshire

UNI-STAR Cleaning Service - 6 Of The Safest, Outdoor Activities To Celebrate Father’s Day In New Hampshire

Looking for Father’s Day ideas? Maybe you already thought about at-home activities like ordering dinner, a movie night or pitching a tent in your own backyard. However, two months have passed since the lookdown, and many dads would love to celebrate outside. The good news is that the state of New Hampshire has announced the re-opening of various outdoor activities that you might want to check out for this Father’s Day weekend. Keep reading to find the six best options you got.

1. Kayak rentals

There’s nothing like calm waters to cure the stress of the lockdown. Many parks in new Hampshire, especially in the White Mountains, are re-opening their kayak and canoe rentals as part of the Stay at Home 2.0 guidelines. Places like Echo Lake Beach are operating and offer incredible views of Mt. Lafayette and Cannon Mountain. Contact them to confirm their operating hours and reserve your Father’s Day surprise with time.

2. Fishing

Got a fishing license or planning to buy one? Then you can turn your dad’s surprise from canoeing to capturing some trout or bass! If you know your dad is the type of person who would love this, don’t waste time and process the license online. From Ellacoya State Park, Hampton Beach, to White Lake, you can meet the first step of the food chain and proudly catch dinner with your dad.

3. Paintball

For some dads, perhaps canoeing or fishing is a little bit boring or slow. Don’t worry! Surely paintball is a more adrenaline-driven activity your dad might love. Paintball facilities are also re-opening in the state, and Bolp Paintball and OSG Paintball are offering private parties for small groups of people. Paintball is a non-contact activity, and most of the sites are in wide spaces. They are following the official preventive measures and have antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer available for everyone.

4. Biking

Sometimes, just a good-old-fashioned activity like biking can be all your dad wants. After all, Father’s Day is all about bonding and having precious moments with your loved ones. Search for the best biking trails in your nearest park and get your bikes out of the garage. There’s nothing like a pedaling session to feel free after an extended lockdown.

6. Hiking

New Hampshire’s White Mountains are known for their magnificent landscapes and tourist attractions. Although many of these sites will remain closed, you still got the hiking trails to celebrate Father’s Day with meaningful, quality time with your dad. Mt. Monadnock is frequently listed as the most climbed mountain in the region, but we recommend avoiding crowds due to the pandemic. Other beautiful options are Mt. Chocorua, Appalachian Trail, and Mt. Willard.

7. Shooting ranges

Last but not least, a shooting evening with your old-man might be the best surprise a man raised in the mountains can have. Shooting ranges are a membership-required activity and private experiences that won’t expose you to the virus. Contact your nearest facility to know the details and requirements. Some options are Bennington Sportsman’s Club, Bradford Fish and Game Club, and Granite State Bowhunters.
Happy Father’s Day! We hope that whatever you choose to spend the day with your dad results in a beautiful evening. UNI-STAR Cleaning keeps offering professional cleaning and disinfecting services to prevent COVID-19. If you want to book a service for your home or workplace, enter our website and schedule it fast and easy.

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