5 Essential Tips To Keep Your Home Tidy While Homeschooling With Kids

2020 will be remembered, among other things, as the year of homeschooling. Although it’s nice to spend more time with the kids, we know that things can get messy. You can avoid many headaches by implementing a cleaning chores system and including your kids in it. In this blog post, you’ll learn how to keep a clean house schedule to survive homeschooling (if necessary). Many schools plan to reopen soon, but everything is still in doubt and you don’t want to be caught off guard. 

  1. Purge your school room

You have to keep the motivation flowing, and the best way to do this is to maintain a tidy room for study. Clutter builds fast in a dynamic environment, but you can include cleaning in the daily activities and make your kids part of the process. Establish a schedule and a routine and even a reward system. If you’re feeling creative, involve math problems while you’re putting things in their place or tell stories with every object you use, whatever makes tidying up more fun.

  1. Set up a schedule for cleaning

Kids usually don’t like cleaning, but if you do it every day, with a well-planned system, it will take you only 15 or 20 minutes. The secret is to follow a “less mess, less cleaning” set of mind. We recommend you to do these cleaning chores before or after lunchtime, whatever keeps the mood up. You can also delegate specific areas of your home to your children if they are old enough to take that responsibility.

  1. Incorporate household work to your school day

Switching mental for physical activity might be the ideal break for your tired children at homeschool. They will be less frustrated or stressed if they move a little, especially during a lockdown. Maybe they don’t know it yet, but let them discover that cleaning can be a relaxing experience. You have to teach them properly, with the right attitude, and compliment their good behavior. Kids could learn responsibility and can become more confident doing grown-up things like this.

  1. Become the right example of discipline

Nobody is a super mom or super dad and we know parents can be lazy or forgetful sometimes, but you are a grown-up, so you must act like one for your kids and set a good example. It’s recommended that you start setting simple rules, one by one, instead of all of them at the same time. Start with easy and short tasks like getting up early, doing the dishes at a certain hour, etcetera. Teach your kids to follow your discipline.

  1. Less paper and more digital work

Working on paper can become a problem after some weeks. Store the important documents that you no longer use and use the computer or tablet to work on a project instead of writing or drawing by hand. There will be some essential activities that will require that your kids use their hands to draw, but as long as it’s not vital, try using digital formats to avoid clutter.

If you were asking how to keep my house clean while homeschooling, we hope this information was useful for you. Don’t let homeschooling get the best of you! Make discipline and cleanliness day-to-day habits. Remember that UNI-STAR provides professional sanitizing and cleaning services for homeowners like you. Book your service online.

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