4 Essential Tips To Keep Your Employees Safe During The Pandemic

As employees are slowly going back to work a few months into the pandemic, preparing workplaces for COVID-19 has become a priority for most employers. 

So here a few COVID-19 safety tips for businesses that can make your workers not just be safer, but stay motivated through the crisis:

Encourage Social Distancing 

Social distancing is one of the most effective techniques for reducing the spread of COVID 19. You can implement the practice in your business while keeping workers and customers safe during COVID 19. 

You can put in place the following measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Mark the floor, indicating where employees can stand in crowded rooms. Ensure there are at least 2 meters between marks.
  • Install physical barriers like screens that prevent people from making contact
  • Stagger arrival times to prevent crowding. 
  • Erect posters that remind your workers why social distancing is important.
  • Put in place a limit where only a maximum of 5 people are allowed to gather during breaks and lunch. 

Be flexible with remote working.

Remote working has various benefits, aside from combating the virus’s spread. You can give your employees the option to keep working from home, at least partially, and when needed. You can even use this flexibility as a bargaining chip to get top-tier recruits in the future.

When remote working, remember the importance of video calling, which can help your team bond, making workers feel part of a unified team. Make daily morning video calls to brief the workforce, encouraging them to speak up on problematic issues. A general team chat involving every employee can also be helpful. 

Chatting via video helps bring back the rapport usually present in mid-day coffee breaks or office chatter in the lunchroom. Inform your team that you expect constant communication. Members should tell you about any projects and updates. You can create a handbook that outlines all your expectations so that the process can be streamlined. 

Monitor each worker’s output. If they’re more productive, you can use this fact to boost their production even further. For workers whose productivity has nosedived, you can set up a meeting to discuss how they can improve. 

That said, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for remote working. Devise a strategy that allows you to be flexible. 

Supply protective equipment 

Equipment like gloves, sanitizers, and masks is crucial, ensuring that they’re in plenty in your workspace. You can implement a policy where every worker should change masks every two days. Advise your workers that whenever they touch door handles and elevators, they should immediately sanitize. 

Beef up security to allow employees to get their temperatures recorded before entering your building. 

Improve workspace cleaning

Keeping the office clean is an effective way of preventing the virus from spreading. Phones and conferencing objects need to be clean all the time. You can ensure these crucial office objects are cleaned after every use. 

Each cleaning employee should have protective gear like gloves and masks. Disinfection should be thorough; ensure workers use EPA-licensed disinfectants. Even when cleaning, you should ensure that social distancing is implemented. 

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