2020 Color Trends To Give More Life To Your Home

As we are slowly returning to normality after the COVID-19 lockdown, summer arrives. Although people are planning summer vacations, social distancing and other restrictions will keep motivating people to spend more time at home. In that case, re-painting your home is an excellent way to refresh your environment and give new life to your routine. We research the best color trends 2020 and wrote down our seven favorites for you to consider.

  • Summer gold

Few colors and combinations bring brightness and warmth to a home like gold. During these COVID months, we all need an uplifting environment in our homes, and Summer Gold is the color trend that puts the sunshine inside. Speaking in feng shui terms, gold represents warmth and heaven.

  • Pink and red balance

Even though Valentine’s Day was in February, many prestigious designers are adopting a pink and red trend that is as charming as passionate. For example, Summer Thorton uses these colors with more neutral tones to create a balance sensation and avoid overwhelming the eye. Try this color trend in your home to light up your days and inspire a more active mood.

  • Blue and white stripes

Energize your home with a blue and white striped scheme. This combination is as elegant or youthful as you want it. Designers like Janet Patterson love to play with these two colors, sometimes using bold strips or, on the other hand, more delicate strokes. Either way, this is definitely a summer favorite.

  • Lush botanical green

If you can’t go out to nature, bring nature inside your home. Set your walls, furniture, and appliances to resemble an outdoor landscape, and bring some peace and calm to your house. Designers know this trend is very helpful for the current situation. Opt for this botanical look and make staying at home as pleasant as possible.

  • Off-white

White is a color that represents purity and calm, but in homes, too much of this color can give a sense of coldness. Usually, the walls are painted white while other elements are in different colors like pale green or other neutral tones. Check out Masucco Warner to find chic designs applying Off White.

  • Soft blue

If your windows filter enough sunlight, then a soft blue can be the tone that balances the warmth with the orange beams. You can make your space more relaxing by following this trend, perhaps in your bedroom, where rest is an essential and vital activity.

  • Mediterranean hues

Generally, a Mediterranean color scheme includes blues, beiges, and taupes, but avoid being too nautical. However, if you don’t have a problem with being seafaring, you can incorporate elements like rope and rattan and make the color tren more dynamic and complete. Check out the work of Lauren Nelson Desing to discover more decorations like this.

Stop searching for the color of the year 2020 and choose the appropriate color scheme for your home and mood. This could be the perfect way to relieve stress and make your stay at home more enjoyable. If you want to clean your home deep first, contact UNI-STAR Cleaning and book the service that you need, whether it’s a standard clean or a more thorough session. Schedule your service on our website.

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